Q. Why do you do this?

A. I started decorating the outside of my house when my daughters were young. We always enjoyed it as a family. In 2008 I computerized the display, it has become a year-round hobby.

Q. How long does it take you to put up the lights?

A. I start putting things up 2 weeks before Halloween, and finish by Thanksgiving, that's working on it weekends and nights.

Q. How much is your electicity bill with all these lights?

A. Actually the electric bill is much, much less than it used to be. The lights are not on all  at the same time very often. Before the show was computerized, the lights inflatables etc. were on for hours and the electric bill was around three times what it is since computerizing.

Q. Where do you get all the stuff in your light display?

A. The lights are purchased at after Christmas sales at a fraction of the cost. All the display items such as the trees and arches etc are homemade from inexpensive items such as pvc pipe, wire and such.