I've made many on-line friends from all over the country that are also Christmas decorating enthusiasts. One of them, a guy named Chuck that lives in Miami, obtained a real ugly Christmas statue at a yard sale. He posted some pictures of it on our forum and we all agreed that it was the ugliest decoration we'd ever seen. I asked Chuck to send it to me so that I could take some pictures of it, and then I'd send it to another member of our forum hoping that person would send it to another member and so on. Chuck liked the idea, but formulated a great plan. He had people sign up to be a host, and he then scheduled a visit itinerary. "UT" as we call it has already made his way up the east coast, starting in Miami. From here he is going to continue north through New England, make a few stops in Canada, then work his way west. Eventually he'll have visited most of the states.

Here are some pictures of UT and his traveling buddy Coach Fran, enjoying some of the best of RI.

No RI visit would be complete without enjoying a Dells

Being officially welcomed to Warwick by the mayor. the  Honorable Scott Avedisian,

UT and Coach Fran posing with Mayor Avedisian and police chief

Colonel Stephen McCartney

At the Warwick Beacon with publisher John Howell

Gaspee Point


The old Quonset SeaBee


Looking over some delicous hot weiners from Timmy's in Conimicut

Off to work!!